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Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem is a dynamic, conflict-driven worker placement game for 3-4 players set in the violent universe of FX’s Sons of Anarchy TV series. Each player is in charge of a criminal club, syndicate or gang looking to control key locations of the town and amass the most cash.

The Calaveras Expansion for the game contains everything you need to play as a new club in the game or add a fifth (or sixth) player to your dirty dealings!The Calaveras have two special rules that represent their ruthless style: Shoot First… Shoot Often…

The Calaveras will do whatever it takes to be the last club standing, with no respect for the law or their rivals. The Calaveras will make sure their message is heard loud and clear when they ambush other clubs. When the Calaveras Issue a Throw Down Order, they may spend an additional Order to prevent all Clubs involved to Call for Backup! The Calaveras also have little regard for their Prospects, letting them Take the Fall instead of a more valuable Member. Of course the Prospect thinks he’s doing right by the club, but in the end, he’s just a fool.

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