Smash Up Expansion #8 – Its Your Fault! – Card Game


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You’ve Done It This Time…You’ve made one of the best Smash Up sets ever! We let the fans vote and determine new factions for Smash Up, and you came through with some awesomeness. All four factions in this box were the top of thousands of nominations, and then survived a bracket vote, all to get to you today!

Smash Up: Its Your Fault includes Sharks, who plan to make chum of their opponents. Also inside you’ll find Superheroes, flying off the comics page to defeat enemies. You chose to bring the legends of Greek Myth to the table, and finally the imposing might and destructive power of Dragons!

Smash Up: It’s Your Fault continues the exciting fun of Smash Up with four factions chosen by the fans themselves. With direct input on the crazy decks, including Sharks and Dragons, fans of Smash Up will not want to miss this set.


This is not a standalone game and requires a Smash Up Base Game to play.

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