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Simon’s Cat – The Card Game – Steve Jackson Games

Don’t get caught. Blame everyone else. You are a cat. Do cat things. Match cards to make mischief and pass the blame, but don’t let Simon catch you!

Get Fed! Not Blamed! Featuring adorable art taken directly from animator and illustrator Simon Tofield`s insanely viral YouTube animated series, Simon`s Cat, players in this frantic feline fandango go around the table playing cards to escape Simon`s attention. Get caught and you get Blame! Get too much Blame and you get fed last, and no one wants that!

Based on the sensational YouTube series – over 680 million views – by Simon Tofield, Simon’s Cat is a lighthearted, fast-paced card game for 2-4 players.

Key Features:
• Art straight from the award-winning cartoon
• Place the blame on other players
• Fast, trick-taking game play

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