Panic Lab – A Lab Mutation Dice Game – Gigamic Games


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Panic Lab  – A Lab Mutation Dice Game –  Gigamic Games

Amoebas have escaped and are slithering around in all directions! Catch them fast! Everyone plays together and at the same time. Roll four special dice that tell you whichlaboratory the amoeba escaped from and what it looks like. The first player to find thecorrect amoeba wins a point. But watch out, these little tricksters don’t want to becaught: they hide in air vents and can even mutate!You need a cool head, sharp eyes and a fast hand to keep your lab under control.

Comes in an attractive hinged-tin box for better organization.

• 25 illustrated squares 
• 4 very special dice 
• 30 counters 
• Game rules

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