Munchkin Loot Letter – Boxed Edition – Card Game – AEG + Munchkin Promo!


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Get a ton of treasure! You NEED it!

Munchkin Loot Letter is based on the award-winning world-wide hits Love Letter, by Alderac Entertainment Group, and Munchkin, by Steve Jackson Games. Loot Letter’s 16 cards provide hours of fun for kids and adults while they scramble to grab all the loot and leave their friends in the dust.

Loot Letter also comes with an exclusive Munchkin game card!

Munchkin Promotional Card Details:

… With Lots of Lovely Loot! +10 to Monsters (+20 to Dragons!) Play during any combat. If the Monster is defeated, draw TWO extra Treasures (or FOUR if the monster was a Dragon!)

YAY more loot! We hope you’ll have as much fun with Loot Letter as we do with Munchkin!

Love Letter and all related marks are ™ and © Alderac Entertainment Group, and Munchkin is Steve Jackson Games.

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