Metallic Dice Games – 16mm Polyhedral Dice (Set of 7) – Blue Painted


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16mm Mega Metallic Dice Games: Blue Painted Metal Polyhedral Dice (Set of 7)

At 16mm, our solid Mega Metal sets are strong enough to bring force to your gaming! Great for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other role playing game!

16 MM, Set includes: 4-sided (d4), 6-sided w/numbers (d6), 8-sided (d8), 10-sided (d10 numbered 0-9), Tens 10™ (10-sided die numbered 00-90), 12-sided (d12) and 20-sided (d20).

*Please note that some of the batches are more of a matte finish than reflective, but no less quality.



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Metallic Dice Games


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