Looney Labs – Get the MacGuffin – The Card Game – LOO083


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Looney Labs – Get the MacGuffin – The Card Game – LOO083

Get The MacGuffin is a quick-playing game where the object is to be the last player standing: when you’re out of cards (in your hand or on the table) you’re out of the game.  

With a hand of just 2-5 cards, ranging from ridiculously powerful, to simply ridiculous, you’ll have to take calculated risks to maximize your chances. The MacGuffin is certainly most powerful card… unless it wasn’t dealt out this game. You might find yourself winning with the Backup MacGuffin, the Crown, or even… the Scissors!

Every game is different, but we guarantee dramatic reversals of fortune, as the MacGuffin and other powerful cards are played, stolen, traded, or destroyed in the course of the action. It plays so quickly, that, even though players are eliminated left and right, it’s only a minute or three to watch the excitment play out and jump into the next game.

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