Looney Labs – Firefly Fluxx “Aim to Misbehave” Combo – Card Game + 6 More Cards!


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Best Gorram Deal in the ‘Verse!

This combo pack includes most Misbehavin’ of the Looney Labs family – Firefly Fluxx – The Card Game of Ever Changing Rules 1 x 4-Card ‘Saffron’ Expansion Pack + 2 Special Promotional Cards!


  • 1 Firefly Fluxx (base game #LOO070)
  • 1 ‘Saffron’ 4-Card Expansion Pack
  • 1 Bonus Keeper Card: Alliance Treasure – Promotional Card
  • 1 Bonus Creeper Card: The Alliance – Promotional Card


Fluxx – The Card Game With Ever-Changing Rules!

the newest, out-of-this-world version of Fluxx: Firefly Fluxx! Join Mal, Wash, Zoë, Inara, Kaylee, Jayne, Simon, River, Book, and more as Fluxx enters the ‘Verse at full speed – you can be your own big damn hero!

With the rules constantly changing, new Rules, Surprises and all sorts of non-mandatory fruity-oaty goodies included, you’ll be sure to enjoy Firefly Fluxx. Just as unpredictable as misbehaving in space! We’ve also included 2 special promotional cards made especially for the game, by Looney Labs – one Keeper (rare) and one Creeper (hard to find) in case you feel the need to suddenly, but inevitably betray your friends – curses!

A game of strategy, skill, and the luck of the draw, Firefly Fluxx echoes the aesthetics of the futuristic western. Featuring sumptuous art by Adam Levermore, Firefly Fluxx is perfect for fans and collectors of both Firefly and Fluxx!


Firefly Fluxx: “Saffron” – 4-Card Expansion Pack 

Four cards to add in to your Firefly™ Fluxx deck: Saffron (Keeper)

and three new Goals which incorporate her. Originally included in the September 2016 Loot Crate offering to promote Firefly™ Fluxx.


Firefly Fluxx: “Alliance Treasure” – Keeper – Promo Card

This is a Keeper that works in Firefly™ Fluxx, unthemed Fluxxes (like Fluxx 5.0), or Pirate Fluxx.
It says “Counts as Stolen Goods, or Money, or Booty. Cannot be Plundered.”
It was released in Game Trade Magazine #193, for March 2016.

Firefly Fluxx: “The Alliance” – Creeper – Promo Card – Looney Labs

This is a Creeper designed to work in Firefly™ Fluxx.
It says ” You can’t win if you have this. During your turn, you can move this to a player with River Tam, Stolen Goods, or Serenity.”

The Alliance was released in March of 2016 as a retailer exclusive, to help promote Firefly™ Fluxx.






Firefly Fluxx – The best Gorram Game in the ‘Verse from Looney Labs!


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