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Insider – A Guess Who Game – Oink Games

Are we controlled by what we hear and what we see, even while thinking we decide freely?

Insider is a game that deals with these questions. While communicating to others you have to find the right answers to a quiz and also find the “Insider” that is manipulating the discussion. The Insider will do everything to hide their identity while misleading the others.

The game begins with a quiz. Ask the game master who knows the current theme questions! He can only answer “Yes”, “No” or “I don’t know.”

“Is it an animal?” – “No”
“Was it existent 100 years ago?” – “Yes”
“Can I buy it at the supermarket?” – “No”

The players have to find the answer by asking many questions. They only have 5 minutes to find it though. If they don’t find the right answer in that time, everyone will lose!

The quiz is not easy, but the players find the answer most of the time anyway, which is because there is one insider among them who knows the right answer.

He tries to stay incognito and controlls the others asking questions that will help them to get closer to the right answer. If someone notices who he is, he will lose, so it is very important to stay unrecognized.

After finding the right answer everyone, including the game master, tries to find the insider among them. Insider combines two fun components: finding the answer to a quiz and revealing the Insider. The game revolves around discussion, which can be played even with little time and will entertain all players to the max.

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