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In the card game Ideal Natto, you mix the packets of natto on the table with different toppings like green onion and raw egg, stirring it multiple times until it is prepared just so. And then you must grab your favorite natto before someone else does!

This is a game of reading other players’ intentions and secretly setting your eyes on your “Ideal Natto” – eat the most delicious natto to win the game!

‘Ideal Natto’ is officially endorsed by the Japan Natto Cooperative Society Federation.

Players work to make their ideal bowl of Natto rice by adding the toppings they like, avoiding the toppings they don’t, and mixing their Natto to the perfect gooey consistency.

Each player gets two “preference” cards that only they see. These dictate the toppings they want at the end of the game. Players take turns drawing and playing topping cards and mix cards onto several piles in the middle of the table. Whenever they feel the time is right, they can choose to dig in and “eat” their Natto by choosing a pile from the centre of the table. Once all players have decided to eat, scores are totalled, and the person with their most ideal (based on the score from topping cards) and sufficiently mixed Natto (based on the value of the mix cards) is the winner.

The game was first published in 2014 and a new edition produced for Spiel 2016 with Japanese rules in the box, and English, German and French rules added outside the box for buyers.


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