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Fugitive – An Investigative Chase Card Game – Fowers Games

Fugitive – a tense two player deduction card game, full of close calls and great escapes – all packed into 10 minutes! It’s a quick, intense chase between the Fugitive, who is trying to get out of town, and the Marshal, who is trying to catch him before he does.

Fugitive is a two-player card game set in the world of Burgle Bros. One player is a fugitive trying to make it out of town while being pursued by an unstoppable agent. The fugitive plays cards face down to the table trying to work their way to a goal, while the agent must guess those cards to uncover them. If all the cards are face up, the fugitive is caught.

Hunter or Prey – each side plays very differently.
Deduction – using a simple set of numbered cards, you have to deduce where the Fugitive’s hideouts are located.
Bluffing – You can feign large jumps to throw the Marshal off your trail.
Easy to Learn – Read the Rules or Watch this how to play video.
What’s in the box:

Stylish briefcase box – thick stock
43 hideout cards – UNIQUE original art on each card
17 event cards
2 Player Role cards
Laminated Notecard for Marshal to take notes
Dry Erase Marker

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