Easy Roller – 16mm Rose Gold RPG Dice (Set of 7) – Green with Skull Case!


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Easy Roller – 16mm Rose Gold RPG Polyhedral Dice (Set of 7) – Green

From the Rose Gold Dice Collection.  This collection is a 7 piece,16mm sized set made from zinc alloy and zinc alloy plating.  Each 7 piece comes with a skull carrying case.

Rose gold is a color that falls between Gold and Copper in color. Each 7 piece set comes with it’s own display case.

No Chipping

Unlike painted dice since these are made purely of metal the surface does not chip.  This is why we use a reflective plating instead of paint.  Paint chips, and falls off when the dice bump together on a roll, plating done this way, does not.

Display and Carrying Box

This set of dice comes with a beautifully crafted display box that is an Easy Roller Dice Co exclusive.  This box will allow you to display the dice on a shelf or even at the gaming table before you bust the dice out to slay some nasty-serpents!

16MM Size Metal Polyhedral Dice

These metal dice are 16mm (standard) in size and have crisp easy to read electric blue numbers. Are you ready to own a set of these unique heavy metal dice for yourself?

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Dimensions 4 × 12 × 12 in

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