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D&D Attack Wing is a Dungeons & Dragons tactical flight and ground combat miniatures game, featuring pre-painted dragons, siege weaponry, and troops from the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe.Utilizing the FlightPathåäÌ£å¢ maneuver system, command your army in epic aerial and ground combat & customize your army with spells, equipment, weapons, special abilities and more!

The D&D Attack Wing: Nalfeshnee Demon – Semi-final Prize from month 11 – OP kit

The Nalfeshnee Morblatt is the competitive prize for Month 2 of the Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing Organized Play Tournament, Rage of Demons. The prize includes one pre-painted miniature and numerous upgrade cards and tokens.


OP Campaign Adventure #11: Wedding Crashers
Now that the demon lords have invaded the Underdark, their old rivalries are heating up. Zuggtmoy, the demon queen of fungi, seeks to increase her power by means of a ritual domination of Araumycos, a massive fungus which may very well be the oldest living being in the world. SheåäÌÝå»s calling this ritual a wedding.
ZuggtmoyåäÌÝå»s longtime enemy, the demon prince Juiblex, who claims dominion over oozes and slimes of all kinds, seeks to prevent or interrupt this ritual, and has been hunting Zuggtmoy throughout the vast subterranean realm. Wherever the two have trod, spore-spewing fungi war with caustic slimes for control of every square inch of cave floor, wall, and ceiling.
Fortunately, these beings, deadly when encountered alone, have weakened each other enough that it might be possible to defeat them and their minions by spreading an admixture capable of damaging both, a substance which your legion has been given, along with the task of clearing out the hordes of fungi and ooze. A rival legion has arrived with the same task, and the question now is whether your legions will work together, or compete against one another exactly like the creatures you were sent to destroy.

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