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Deadfall – A Bluffing  Card Game – Cheapass Games

Deadfall is a new bluffing game, featuring gorgeous fantasy art by Bill McGuire. Using the same triangular deck as Pairs (1×1, 2×2, 3×3, etc. up to 10×10), Deadfall pits players against each other in a battle of wits and lies, somewhat evocative of Liar’s Dice.

 With each card you play, you declare that you have not played the last card of that rank. For example, if you play a six, you are claiming that someone else (or maybe yourself) still holds a six. Anyone can challenge your play, and the challenge ends the hand. You win the pot if you are right, and the challenger wins it if you are wrong.

 Deadfall is an original, elegant, and replayable bluffing game, and this edition features a cast of fantasy characters from Goblins to Knights to Dragons, and several interesting variants on this game.

 Deadfall is based on the Pairs deck, and this deck is also compatible with all Pairs games and variants.


Deadfall Deck List:

10 x Hero, 9 x Goblin, 8 x Wisp, 7 x Scarab, 6 x Revenant, 5 x Boar, 4 x Hunter, 3 x Eagle, 2 x Knight, 1 x Dragon (55 cards)

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