Dark Seas – Pirate Board Game – AEG


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Dark Seas – Pirate Board Game – AEG

Stake your claim as the greatest pirate of all time!

Build a pirate empire in the uncharted Plunder Islands of the Cairribbi—er, Carebbe—er, near the Gulf of Mexico! Seize your destiny of buccaneerrific awesomeness, and gather hordes of pirates, hoards of doubloons, ever greater infamy, and (of course) ever more treasure!

Dark Seas is a tile-based game, where you try to become the most notorious pirate of the seas. Each player builds their island, filling its ports with docks, hideouts, and more. Players sail their ships around their islands, building their reputation by recruiting pirates, gathering doubloons, and acquiring treasure and infamy. Whoever amasses the greatest reputation wins!

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