Crossing – A Family Fun Fingerpointing Game! – Asmodee Games


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Crossing – A Family Fun Fingerpointing Game! – Asmodee Games

Outwit your friends and family to grab the most gems in Crossing, a fast-moving game for three to six players! You and your opponents each represent a mystical race of creatures in Spamootail, competing to gather as many valuable life stones as possible from the giant mushrooms on the outskirts of Crossing. Each turn, you can focus on gathering life stones from the mushrooms, securing the ones you’ve collected, or filching them from your opponents. As the game builds toward its end, your actions will determine if you come home with the largest sack of gems. A lively game of risk and reward, Crossing is suitable for adults and children alike.



• 6 character tiles

• 5 mushroom tiles

• 60 Life Stones (18 red, 18 yellow, 18 blue, 6 white)

• 1 bag

• 1 rulebook

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