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Chrononauts: “Lost Identities – Expansion Pack #1 – Looney Labs


13 Characters In Search Of A Time Machine

New for Fall 2001 is Chrononauts: Lost Identities, a pack of 13 new ID cards to add to your Chrononauts deck. The Lost Identities were created by fans as part of a 55-word story writing contest, and these are the winning entries.

And the winning entries are:
•Angela (Arrested Development)
•Crazy Joe (Tiki-Hut at the End of the Continuum)
•Dale (Me, Myself, and I)
•Herbert (Seeing is Believing)
•Isaac (Stepping Back in Front of the Gun)
•Johnson (I joined the Corps for the Glamor…)
•Mason (I Should Have Looked At His Face)
•Mojo (A Matter of Priorities)
•Rufus (All Good Dogs Come Home)
•Turtle (The Unusual Artifact)
•Tyberius (The Slingshot Effect)
•Walter (Even Time Travelers Can’t Change Everything)
•Zane Reenak (At Long Last, The UFOs Arrived)


This is not a stand-alone game. A Chrononauts core set is required to play.


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