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Boss Monster: “Final Form” – Promo Card – Brotherwise Games

Part of the Boss Monster Season Two Game Night Kit – SKU + BARCODE APPLIES TO THAT:

Beginning in January 2017, Brotherwise Games will be providing retailers with free copies of the Boss Monster Game Night Season Two Kits. Each Game Night Kit includes enough materials to host 8 players.
Encourage participation by new and experienced players alike with 8 promo cards; a different card every season!
Help new players learn the game with “How to” paper playmats. Four different styles are included; 8 playmats total!
Crown the nightåäÌÝå»s champion with this pixelated retro-style cardstock crown! There can be only one!

This is not a stand-alone game; A Boss Monster or Boss Monster 2 core set is required to play.

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