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Biotix – A Chemical Reactionary Board Game – Smirk & Dagger Games
Play dirty – and get a reaction – in BIOTIX! Dr. Lillian Johannae has made a groundbreaking discovery in the field of microbiology. She`s discovered a new breed of extremely unstable, highly volatile microorganisms – BIOTIX. But science can be a brutally competitive field, and what began as an innocent pursuit of discovery has quickly devolved into self-centered posturing and ruthless backstabbing among her lab personnel! Your mission: carefully grow the largest culture of BIOTIX possible – while sabotaging the work of others by pushing their microbe populations above their limit, causing them to explode and bio-react in all sorts of fun ways!
To gain scientific superstardom, you and the other lab assistants must grow a culture of highly unstable, wildly volatile microbes… while sabotaging the work of others, by pushing their populations to bio-react and explode in all sorts of fun ways. Quick, light, and approachable, this game for 2-5 players has people drawing wood microbe meeples from the specimen bag two at a time. You can place them into your petri dish for points, with the most volatile being worth the greatest amount of points. Or you can place them into an opponent’s petri dish, trying to overpopulate the particular species and blow them up. Teachable in three minutes and compact in size, this is an easy demo for any store counter. Great for family play as well as hobby gamers enjoying quick casual games. Features our signature ‘take that’ style game play, where no one is ever out of the running until the last play.

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