Batman Fluxx – “Clayface” – Promo Card – Looney Labs


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Batman Fluxx: “Clayface” – Promo Card – Looney Labs

This is a Creeper that works in BatmanåäÌ£å¢ Fluxx only.

It says, “Counts as any Villain. No one can win if you have this unless the Goal requires a Villain.”

This card was published in 2015 to promote the release of BatmanåäÌ£å¢ Fluxx. It is a card that peels off off a postcard. The stripe-side of the card is shiny, due to the peel-off method, but this will not affect gameplay.

When purchasing large quantities, please order in multiples of 25.

BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and Ì´å© DC Comics.

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