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Can you save the mission and return home safely? NASA’s 1970 Apollo XIII mission has captured imaginations for decades due to its unbelievable dangers…and even more unbelievable triumphs. Against incredible odds, engineers at NASA overcame disasters of every kind to bring the entire Apollo XIII crew back to Earth safely.

Apollo XIII tells the whole story of the mission through a “card driven” system, which traces the story and features all of the disasters that plagued the mission. The players will need to manage these events if they hope to ensure the survival of the crew and return them to Earth safely.

Apollo XIII is a cooperative game. Your group must coordinate their actions, or you will not finish the mission. But, there is also an optional “Competitive Mode” game at the end of these rules, if you want an extra challenge!

• 65 Player cards
• 73 History cards
• 7 History event cards
• 5 Summary cards
• 19 Event boards
• 1 Game board
• 3 Tiles
• 47 Tokens
• 15 Wooden cubes
• 1 Hourglass

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