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In Alan’s Adventureland, the players are designers creating areas of a new amusement park: Animal Kingdom, Tour America, Sky World and Foreign Lands.

At the beginning of each round, Ride cards are dealt to the table, and are chosen one at a time by the players. They then take turns playing one card on the table between any two players. These cards, on either side of each player, represent the attractions that the zoning board has approved for their park. Any other types of attraction can only be built by paying a victory point penalty. The challenge comes in deciding which cards to use for zoning and which to save for building.

The players then build or improve their attractions by discarding a card from their hand and positioning a corresponding tile on their player mat. The zoning cards are collected, and the process is repeated. At the end of the round, the players are allowed to build one attraction without penalty. Then the players score victory points for the excitement level and layout of their attractions.

After multiple rounds, the players are awarded victory points on their finished attractions based on excitement level, curb appeal, main entrance view, and theme. The player with the most points wins.

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