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Agricola – Farmers of the Moor Expansion – Z-Man Games Edition

Even last century, cutting peat was a way to warm your home and expand the available area for farming. Forests filled a similar niche. With Agricola – Farmers of the Moor, players start the game with Moor and Forest tiles on their farmyard. They must use Special actions to remove them to give greater space for their fields and pastures. Removing the tiles provides Wood and other Fuel, which they need to heat their home. The Special actions give the game a different dynamic. These are additional actions, which players can take without placing one of their People.

The game Agricola is required to play this expansion. To understand these rules, you will need to know the rules to Agricola.

Please note this is NOT the MAYFAIR edition.

This is not a standalone game. Requires a copy of Agricola to play.

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