AdventureLand – The Kings & Princesses Expansion – HABA Games


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AdventureLand – The Kings & Princesses Expansion – HABA Games

Anyone who loves Adventureland will love this expansion set by the original designers: Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling! The three new scenarios bring even more variety into play.

The are 3 new challenges awaiting heroic adventurers are called: “Kidnap of the princess”, “Uprising of the Fog Creatures” and “Rescuing the King.”

Aim of the Game: King Agamis and the inhabitants of the land are in an uproar as the fog creatures have kidnapped the princess! She is being held somewhere in Adventure Land and is being closely guarded by the powerful giant. Who will be the first to collect all the keys, find out where the princess is being held, and then have enough combat strength to defeat the terrifying giant?

This is NOT a standalone game. Requires a copy of Haba’s AdventureLand to play.

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