Tree-Top Trouble - Children's Memory Game - HABA Games

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Tree-Top Trouble - Children's Memory Game - HABA Games

There's trouble in the treehouse! The inhabitants are everywhere but in their own apartments – and now each of the animals wants to return to its own home as soon as possible. Only the one who carefully works out where each of his animals is staying and skillfully swaps their places will be able to bring his six party friends home.

In Treetop Trouble, a specific type of animal lives on each floor of the treehouse and in the elevator. (It's not cozy, but it's home.) To set up the game, each player takes his set of six animal tiles – which are color-coded on the back – shuffles them, then lays out one animal on each floor and in the elevator. The player may peek at the animal in the elevator.

On a turn, a player rolls the die, then moves the elevator up or down or to any floor desired based on the roll. Each player in turn may then swap his animal on the elevator with his animal on that floor. A player can look at the face of one of his tiles only when placing it in the elevator, so you might want to swap willy-nilly until you nail down who's who.

Be the first player to get six animals home and you win.