The Amberden Affair - A Real Time Murder Mystery Board Game - Two Penny Games

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The Amberden Affair - A Real Time Murder Mystery Board Game - Two Penny Games

In The Amberden Affair, players take on the role of footmen serving in a party at the esteemed Amberden Manor. Players draw order cards throughout the game, and each order indicates what item is requested, where in the room you’ll find it, and which dignitary in the room has made the request.

Moving simultaneously, players will take 3 actions at a time, moving about the room, receiving orders, gathering items, and delivering the items to dignitaries.

One player will secretly be given the role of the Miscreant Impostor. This cunning footman has infiltrated the staff and has malicious motives of his own. It is his duty to poison each of the three dignitaries without getting caught.

As the players are going about fulfilling orders, they will also be trying to identify the Miscreant Impostor. As suspicions mount, players will cast “rumor tokens” into the Rumor Mill with hopes that a correct accusation at the end of the round will result in more points. When that time comes, each player will take the chance to accuse the player he or she believes to be the Miscreant Impostor. Identities are then revealed and points added. The player with the most points wins.

The most intriguing aspect of The Amberden Affair is that the tension exists between players not just in the world of the game, but also face-to-face at the table. Observing players’ real-life reactions is just as important, if not more important, than watching what takes place on the board. And since the play is simultaneous, you are always in the game. There is a definite skill and strategy that can be developed over many plays, and even a failed attempt at success leaves you wanting to try again.