Munchkin - Dragons - Card Game Booster Pack

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Munchkin - Dragons - Card Game Booster Pack



Munchkin: Dragons - Card Game Booster Pack

Here There Be Dragons! Dragons are fearsome! Dragons are cool! Dragons have LOTS of treasure for munchkins to loot! Munchkin Dragons brings the most iconic fantasy monster into Munchkin . . . in a BIG way! The 15 cards in this finseal pack include new Dragon monsters . . . and new treasures Munchkin players can use to bring them down! The cards in Munchkin Dragons use the classic card design from the original Munchkin set, but they can be mixed into any Munchkin game.

Description: Blister pack containing 15 cards.

This is not a standalone game. Requires a Munchkin The Card Game base set to play.