First Class - A Traveling Board Game - Z-Man Games

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First Class - A Traveling Board Game - Z-Man Games

Hawaii - An Aloha Board Game - Z-Man Games

Discover and cultivate the local fruit and even learn to surf the waves near the beaches of these paradise islands. You trip will allow you to meet the mystic Kahunas, to look at the Tikis, and to discover the powers of Hawaiian Gods.To be victorious, you will have to cleverly plan out the use of your resources. Three different resources are available; so make sure you don't run out of any of them too quickly. You will have to balance a number of ways to score points to secure your victory. Hawaii awaits you!  

In the Box: 
• 1 Six-Piece Gameboard Frame 
• 5 Player Boards 
• 10 Island Sites 
• 10 Islet Tiles 
• 5 Wooden Chieftains 
• 10 Wooden Mini-Chiefs 
• 5 Game Round Counters 
• 1 Cloth Bag 
• 1 Rule book 
• 1 Supplement 
• Over 80 Large and Small Wooden Resources and Over 150 Small Tiles and Tokens 

Play Time 60min, 2-5 Players, Ages 13 and Over