Fairytale Gloom The Card Game (2nd Edition) Base Set - Atlas Games

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Fairytale Gloom The Card Game (2nd Edition) Base Set - Atlas Games

A stand-alone sequel to Gloom where the characters and misfortunes are drawn from classic fairy tales that is also compatable with other Gloom titles.

In Fairytale Gloom, custom collections of fairy tale characters like Jack, Gretel, Puss in Boots, and Little Red Riding Hood do their best to stay happy, but circumstances conspire to rain woe on their sad, benighted heads.

These heroes become beasts, give up on Grandma, and cry wolf once too often. Even though they look into magic mirrors and kill golden geese, most end their days living in giant shoes… or worse.

Eventually, enough Unhappy Endings come to pass that the game ends. And then? The most miserable collection of characters wins.

Gameplay Basics
• Each player chooses their own collection of fairy tale protagonists.
• Modifiers add or subtract points. You could play “Dwelt With Some Dwarfs” on
“Rapunzel,” for example.
• Unhappy Endings lock in points for good or ill. Perhaps “Goldilocks” “Cried Wolf Once Too Often.”
• It’s all about storytelling: Players weave tales around what comes to pass.
What happened, exactly, when “Joe the Giant” “Married a Murderer?”
• With transparent cards, the points you can see are the points in play — it’s that