Open Gaming Day - Saturday March 11th, 2017!

Mar 10th 2017

Hey Everyone - we're having an open games day. We'd love you to join us.

This means you can come play board games, miniatures games, card games and just have fun all afternoon with friends, family and new people.

We're a New Board Game shop that's opened in the area over by Santa Clara University called B & E Games - behind Schott's Stadium (baseball) off The Alameda and next to TopSpin Table Tennis.

We have a variety of games (lots of Euro games, Modern Classics and new goodies as well a small selection of kids games too), and 3 game spaces which is kinda nice. Feel free to bring board games and socialize.

We also tend to stay open later just for our neighbors! Come play with us :D

Some folks asked for our contact information posted last time:

phone - 669-244-2631

Twitter - @Bande_Games

Website -

Please do share and enjoy - Hope to see you there this weekend! :D