About Us

What is B & E Games?

Hey! We’re B & E Games. We’re the new kid on the block with a lot of heart. We’re starting out small and hoping to grow ourselves a modest business. We’re not here to be the big guy - we’re just B & E Games.

What’s your favorite board game/card game?

That’s tough to answer, but we think the best way is to separate board games by 2 categories - Hasbro/Mattel/ParkerBrothers/etc and everything else, then filter and refine down after that. 

Some of B’s favorite games are Milles Borne, Spartacus, Twilight Imperium, Attack Wing and Ticket to Ride and E likes Power Grid, Firefly, Red Dragon Inn, DC Deckbuilding Game, and Phase 10. Both love discovering new titles and we always take recommendations!

Where are you located?

We are based out of sunny California, USA but we ship all over the world!

Our retail location is in Santa Clara, California:


 B & E Games

462 Martin Ave

Santa Clara, CA  95050


What are your store Business Hours?

We are open 6 days a week. We have core business hours, but we are also open later during Special Events and Organized Play. Basically, we're open past core hours when people (including you!) are there playing games with us!

SUN - 11:00am - 5:00pm
FRI - 7:00pm - 11:00pm
SAT - 11:00am - 7:00pm

Do you charge for Open Gaming? 

No. Although we sometimes have events that take up space, we WANT you to come play with us. You are welcome to come by yourself or with friends and play through our demo library or bring your own games and have a bit of fun in a friendly environment. :D


What's cool about your space?

We have 3 rooms, the main room with open gaming, and 2 additional separate games rooms available for play. This way lots of people can play different things and we have the space to allow for it! (Large format gaming included). We only ask that Gamers be considerate of others when using the space.

What kind of games do you have?

We currently sell all sorts of board games and card games, dice, toys and gaming accessories. We love suggestions, and YES! we take custom orders - so keep checking back with us!

We have a good sized demo library in-store where you can also try many things before taking them home.

How can we help you?

What do you need? If you don’t see something you’re really need  or want please make sure you fill out our contact form and we’ll see what we can do!  If there's a game or promo you don't see here, contact us, and we'll do our best to track it down -- we want our relationship with you to be natural 20s all the way.

d20 Gartoon

Why buy from B & E games? 

We’re small, and that means we’re personalized. We interact with you the customer and believe in building relationships that benefit us both.

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